Law office ALI NEYA

The LAW Office ALI NEYA is a sole proprietorship registered with the Burkina Faso Bar Association. It is located in the province of Kadiogo, Arrondissement 5, Sector 23, 1200 Logements street 14.13 TIEFO AMORA villa n ° 346 Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso. It is chaired by the Lawyer Ali NEYA, tenured lawyer since 2001.

Law office ALI NEYA


The lawyers of the Law Office intervene and plead before all the jurisdictions in Burkina, sub-regional (COTE D’IVOIRE, MALI, TOGO, SENEGAL, BENIN, NIGER …) and in France, in the administrative litigation, civil, criminal, commercial, social litigation. They also intervene, in the specialized litigation before the arbitration, mediation, conciliation jurisdiction.

Finally, they intervene in the specialized litigation before the independent administrative authorities.


The lawyers of the Law Office provide their customers with recognized expertise to enable them to anticipate the legal risks and legal development, which are increasingly dense and complex. They are involved in legal advice.

Legal monitoring

The Law Office offers a legal monitoring service specifically tailored to the specific needs of its

The format, sectors and periodicity of the legal monitoring are defined on a case by case basis.

The legal monitoring of the Law Office is caaried out by lawyers who comment on each of the highlights of the legal news for which the customer wishes to be informed alerted and trained.


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Customers from abroad


Customers from USA


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Secteur 14 – Rue TIEFFO AMORO 14.13
06 BP 10228 Ouagadougou 06
Tél. +226 25 36 36 71
Fax : +226 25 36 25 81
Email :
w w w . c a b i n e t n e y a . c o m


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